EPS Historic Sites

The EPS Historic Sites Award commemorates places in Europe important for the development and the history of physics.

Sites that are significant to physics and its history can be considered for the Historic Site distinction from the EPS.

Examples of what can be considered are:

Places (laboratories, buildings, institutions, universities, towns, etc.) associated with an event, discovery, research or body of work, by one or more individuals, that made important, contributions to physics. This includes places where instruments and/or apparatus were designed making significant contributions to physics and research. Please note that normally only one Historic Site per organization will be considered.

The EPS will work with the nominators to obtain local authorisations for placing a plaque and in organising the commemorative ceremony. 

Nominations are open throughout the year. Submission will be processed by the EPS Historic Sites Selection Committee three times a year.
To make a nomination for an EPS Historic Site, please follow the instructions on the website of EPS.

EPS Historic Site 2021 - The Cyclotron Hall, Louvain-la-Neuve

EPS Historic Site 2019 - Holy Spirit College, Leuven

EPS Historic Site 2015 - Hotel Metropole, Brussels