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The board

Jozef Ongena President

Research director at Laboratory for Plasma Physics of the Ecole Royale Militaire of Belgium.

Gilles de Lentdecker Vice-President

Physics Professor in Elementary Particles (Physics) at ULB

Kristel Crombé BPS Secretary

Researcher at Laboratory for Plasma Physics, Royal Military Academy and Associate Professor at Ghent University.

Yves Caudano Treasurer

Researcher with strong interests in discovering, studying, and teaching physics and optics, from both experiment and theory. Specialties: Nonlinear optics, Surface and interface science, Vibrational spectroscopy, Theory and experiment.

Bart Cleuren Board member

Associate Professor at Hasselt University

Michèle Coeck Board member

Director SCK CEN Academy

Evelyne DaubieBoard member

Chef de travaux chez UMons

Ewald JanssensBoard member

Professor at KU Leuven

Jean-Claude JodogneBoard member


Raymond KochBoard member


Fabrice LoucheBoard member

Royal Military Academy

Alberto MariottiBoard member


Frank RennerBoard member

Professor material physics
at UHasselt

Gilles RosolenBoard member

Post-doctoral fellow
 (Chargé de recherche FNRS)
chez UMons

Niels SchoonBoard member


Peter SchlagheckBoard member

Professor at ULiège

Robert SporkenBoard member

Professor at UNamur (FUNDP)

Jacques TempereBoard member

Theoretical Physicist
at UAntwerpen

Michael TytgatBoard member

Particle physicist at UGent

Xavier Urbain             Board member